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the risk FREE way to LEARN how to trade shares

Trading Portfolio

Buy & sell shares, manage your watchlist, research companies! Practice trading for free on our trading platform! Win prizes...


Trade all your favorite shares from the NASDAQ and New York stock exchanges including Apple, Microsoft, Google and many more...


It's 100% free! All the money you'll win or lose is virtual it won't cost you anything! Nothing to lose, trading practice and prizes to gain!

Virtual Platform

Our trading simulator is fun and realistic! Learn the ropes and compete with your friends!

PerformanceTHROUGH practice! allows you to gain trading experience for free! buy and sell shares of all your favorite shares from the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges while you manage your virtual portfolio!

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What are PLAYERS saying?

"Just signed on and placed my order for some shares. Unlike so many other interactive websites, this is so easy and user-friendly. Watch the video, log in and you are ready to become a serious stock trader. The virtual funds are no-risk and I am sure that this will hone my skills for real trading, which I do occasionally. This is a fun game and I will recommend it to my friends." more reviews >>

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The best stock trading platform to learn on!

100% Free

It's completely free! There are no hidden charges! We make money from advertising so we can provide our trading platform free of charge to our users.


You get practical experience

By trading shares for free on a realistic trading platform you can educate yourself, research companies and stay up to date with the latest market news!


It's Fun

Most of us want to experience the excitement of trading shares without the risk of losing money! Now you can do both! Trading shares the fun way!


No Risk

It won't cost you a single cent! Our platform uses virtual money so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you lose big, so what? It's only virtual money!


It's Competitive

You can compete against your friends and other registered users to win great prizes! Setup private teams to compete against your friends, family and colleagues!


No training required!

We've tried to make our trading platform as easy to use as possible! You can begin trading once you register!